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Tip : Placing Elbow and Knee Control in Maya


Tank Maya Bifrost Simulation

Tank Simulation to test Reflection, Refraction with volume and foam added in post using velocity & Vorticity data using Maya Bifrost rendered using Mental Ray

Water Splash with Maya Bifrost : Velocity & Vorticity data in Post

First test in Bifrost, Maya using Alembic mesh cache with Velocity & Vorticity data tweaked in post to get water shading. much faster and efficient than the Maya Bifrost liquid shader..

Storm Clouds VFX Shot – Breakdown:

VFX work for TV Serial, ‘The Journey : A Voyage’ for Channel 8, MediaCorp, Singapore


Quarry Workers shot – VFX Breakdown :

VFX work for a TV Serial happening in 20th Century

Age of Hovercars :

work done for an assignment to show students the breakdown of VFX involved in using Matchmoving, IBL, Render Passes etc

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